ECOM Oil&Gas

Exploration Equipment

Geophysical Exploration Equipment

Seismic Drilling Rigs-WTZ-300G Truck-mounted Drilling Rig,ZJ-200 Truck-mounted Drilling Rig,WTZ-100K Truck-mounted Drilling Rig,WTLZ-20D Truck-mounted Drilling Rig etc.

EILogTM Express and Imaging Logging System

EILogTM Express and Imaging Logging System is configured with integrated surface system, express combo conventional logging tools, imaging logging tools, production logging combo tools and log data processing and interpretation software. The system is applied to open hole logging, cased hole logging, engineering logging, perforating and coring.


ECOM can provide various perforators to meet the need of different perforating tasks, including expandable perforators, high density big hole perforators, high density deep penetration perforators, strip perforators, thru-tubing folding perforators, horizontal well perforators, high energy gasfrac composite perforators, detonating cords, detonator, boosters, shaped cutters, puncture shaped charges and firing system.

Mud Logging Unit

The system integrates powerful computer network technique, 30s fast FID chromatographic technique, explosion-proof CAN Bus data transmission technique, highly accurate and reliable sensor technique, analysis and evaluation technique of rock samples such as geochemical, nuclear magnetic resonance and quantitative fluorescence, and it is the center of quick and comprehensive interpretation and evaluation of oil and gas on well-site.

Drilling Survey Instruments

ECOM can provide all kinds of drilling survey instruments for various directional drilling tasks, including near-bit geosteering drilling system, mud-pulse MWD, electronic magnetic survey instrument, electronic single/multi-shot survey instrument, self-floating photographic inclinometer and single-shot photographic inclinometer.

Well Testing Equipment

Electronic Memory Pressure Gauges-is mainly used to measure and record the downhole pressure and temperature in various oil wells, gas wells and water wells.