ECOM Oil&Gas

About ECOM Oil&Gas

It engages in the export of the petroleum equipment and materials and provides materials and equipment for ECOM’s overseas projects. Established in 2001, ECOM Oil&Gas has started the export business of petroleum materials and equipment since 2001.

ECOM will consistently insist on the development policy of “high quality, good benefits and sustainability”, strives to strengthen the efforts on international market exploration, continues to deepen resources system construction and steadily pushes forward the enterprise transformation and innovation and makes efforts to form new patterns for business development, so as to promote the sustainable development and speed up the cultivation of new development advantages focusing on technology, brand, quality and services.

What sets us apart

ECOM Oil&Gas is characterised by technical innovations in every area, as well as its strong tradition. The history of the company shows that, since it was founded in 2001, the development of the family-run organization has been based on new ideas, continuity and consistent globalization. At the same time, the ECOM name also stands for long-term stability and profitable, organic growth.

"We are committed to the region of Singapore and are constantly investing in research, development and technology", state the owners of the company Md Nurul Amin. The company also has partnerships in key regions such as the USA and Singapore.ECOM employs around 1,100 people all over the world and has a wide range of client all over the globe.