ECOM Oil&Gas

Oilfield Surface Facilities

Oil Treatment System Equipment

Oil/gas filed surface test and metering facility system is mainly used to measure yield, wellhead pressure, and physical property during temporary flow of production in the test process of flowing well in the initial stage of oil/gas field exploratory development so as to analyze oil reservoir.

Gas Treatment System Equipment

Natural Gas Separation and Purification Equipment-can be widely applied to natural gas gathering/transfer pipeline, natural gas gathering station, compressor station, pigging station, distribution station, final station and all the related fields.

Waste Water Treatment System Equipment

Walnut Filter- is used to treat oilfield wastewater, petrochemical wastewater and other oily wastewater

Pig Launcher & Receiver

Pig launcher & receiver are important parts of pigging equipment, which are installed on both ends of pipeline to launch or receive the pig. They mainly consist of quick opening closure, barrel, reducer, and saddle support


Horizontal, Axially Split, Multistage Centrifugal Oil Pumps
This series of products are applied for long distance oil export, gathering station oil export, middle station and sea port oil transportation.


Ball Valve,Gas Over Oil Emergency Shut Down Ball Valve,Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve,Float Ball Valve etc.


UF-Ⅱ Flow meter,Series LC Oval Flow Meter,Series OI Oval Flow Meter,Series VA Vortex Flow Meter,Bst Ultra-Sonic Flow Meter etc.