ECOM Oil&Gas

Oil Production Equipment

Pumping Unit

Conventional Walking Beam Pumping Units manufactured according to China National Standard.

Subsurface Sucker Rod Pump

More than 40 models and sizes of sucker rod pumps are available with the diameter ranging from 28 mm to 108 mm.

Sucker Rod

ECOM can also provide conventional API sucker rods, corrosion resistant sucker rods, FRP (fiber glass reinforced plastic) sucker rods, polished sucker rods and couplings, special sucker rods for progressive cavity pumps, hollow sucker rods and electric heating systems

Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) System

CPTDC can provide all kinds of drilling survey instruments for various directional drilling tasks, including near-bit geosteering drilling system, mud-pulse MWD, electronic magnetic survey instrument, electronic single/multi-shot survey instrument, self-floating photographic.

Progressive Cavity Pump (PC Pump) System

ECOM can provide both single and multi-lobe configuration PC pumps.

Gas Lift Production Equipment

Gas lift recovery technology is applied to inject high pressure gas into tubing, reduce the density of the fluid in tubing so as to ensure the differential pressure between formation and well bottom and to make oil and gas flow out and lifted to ground.Gas lift recovery features strong lifting capability, wide application scope and low breakdown rate of oil well.

Truck-mounted Swabbing Unit

There are two types of truck-mounted swabbing units: front aligning truck-mounted swabbing unit and back aligning truck-mounted swabbing unit.

Wellhead and Christmas Tree

ECOM can provide API 6A casing heads, tubing heads and Christmas trees which can meet the requirements of customers for different casing and tubing programs and pressure grades.

Heavy Oil Production Equipment

Steam Injection Thermal Recovery Equipment,Thermal Packer Model Y421,Expansion Joint,Pre-stressed Insulated Tubing,Thermal Recovery Wellhead Assemblies etc.

Water Flooding Equipment

Multistage Centrifugal Water Injection Pump-The multistage centrifugal water injection pump is applied to high pressure water injection in oilfield, water supply in city, water drainage in mine and water feed for power plant boiler.

Tertiary Recovery Equipment

Polymer injection equipment- is mainly used to enhance the recovery of oilfield by dissolving polymer powder and water at certain proportion and injecting the polymer solution into formation to increase oil production.

Fracturing and Acidizing Equipment

ECOM can provide complete fracturing and acidizing equipment and carrier trucks including various truck-mounted and skid-mounted fracturing equipment, fracturing pumps, manifold trucks, blender trucks, instrument van, fluid transport trucks, sand transport trucks, etc. Among them, fracturing trucks and fracturing pumps are manufactured with the technologies of Western Co and OPI Co of USA.

Well Washing and Wax Removing Trucks

Steam and water are used as media for well washing and wax removing truck to flush oil wells, tools, drill string, pipeline and other.